Baked fresh daily in small batches. 


Also known as "Choux a la creme," our cream puffs are light and airy, wrapped in a crispy coating and filled with a luscious filling. The ingredients are selected from the best. Baked fresh everyday. Some people say it's a taste shock. Luxury in one bite. 


Specialty cakes

Not your traditional cakes, our crepe cakes and St. Honore are when you want something special and unique.


An experiment that has gained a cult following. A danish doughnut hybrid, fried (gasp!) and tossed in cinnamon sugar. Nothing else is needed.


special menu items

We make everything from french macarons, tarts and cinnamon buns to no sugar desserts and savoury items. These aren't always available on our daily menu, but we are happy to accept pre-orders.